PCR-based approach to detect the Prevalence of exo S. Gene in Local Isolates of P. aeruginosa isolated from Otitis

  • Amer Hani Raziq Al-Shammary1, Ibtisam Ghadban Auda2, Ismail Hussein Aziz3


This study was designed to detect exo S. gene in local isolate of Pseudomonas aeruginsoa  using PCR technique. It includes 49 isolates of bacteria diagnosed by classical methods, DNA isolated and subjected to amplify using specific primers for bacteria.

The results of PCR amplification for the gene encoding for exotoxin S indicated that out of the forty nine local isolates of P. aeruginosa enrolled in this study, thirty nine (39) isolates showed the presence of the genes encoding for exotoxin S corresponding to 79.5% of the isolates (629 bp PCR products) while only ten (10) isolates corresponding to 20.5% of the total forty nine (49) isolates were recorded to be negative. With a result of 72% of the bacterial isolates demonstrating positive reaction for the presence of exo S., it can be concluded that exo S. is a prominent virulence factor for P. aeruginosa that is expressed along the infection process.