Mycobacterium bovis tuberculins: Preparation and antigenic properties

  • Basima Q. Hassan1 , Ahmad M. Khalaf2 Alaa H. AL-O`mran3


Three types of tuberculin were prepared from one isolate of M. bovis which was isolated from clinically tuberculosis cow. The isolate was purified and identified after it had been subjected to all biochemical tests and laboratory animal inoculation. These tuberculins include:

The purified protein derivative, new tuberculin and lysozymal extract.

The preparations were subjected to different in Vivo and in Vitro tests of potency and specificity .The results showed that the lysozymal extract  had the highest potency in the diagnosis of the diseases in the experimentally infected animals, while the other tuberculin ( purified protein derivative and new tuberculin) were equal in their potency as that of the imported one .