The second issue of the volume thirteenth of the year 2014 was published by the Iraqi Journal of Biotechnologies, which included ten researches in various fields of genetic engineering, human, animal and plant sciences The first study from the Arab Republic of Egypt is a study on the relationship between the genetic variance of Gene interleukin 18 in 137G / C and 607 C / A and type 1 diabetes in the same type of Egyptian patients. The researchers concluded that interleukin 18 is closely related (137) . The second study also examined variability in the receptors of the neurotransmitter gene D3 and the second coding logic of HTR2A in patients with schizophrenia in Baghdad, Iraq. The eighth study dealt with the detection of mutations of the hormone gene stimulating thyroid gland in patients with thyroid gland disease in Basra / Iraq, where the study indicated the possibility of mutations linked to the occurrence of the disease. Research  ten studied a study on the proteins of the vector carrier for signals in Helicobacter pylori bacteria where results showed overlapping cellular components that there was significant interference with most of the proteins studied. The second research was conducted on the preparation of  tuberculin  from bovine tuberculosis bacilli and study of its antigenic properties and the third research on the determination of the concentration of interleukin 23 and 17 - A in the patients of psoriasis in Baghdad . The fourth study included the study of the aromatic violets found in Iraq for their importance in medical uses as antioxidants and bacteria. The fifth research dealt with the use of black tea leaves as an effective substance used for bio-absorption. The seventh research evaluated the response of four varieties of potato to grow under saline conditions in vitro. The latest research included the biological breakdown of concentrations of some pesticides in polluted water using a special type of Bacillus bacteria

Published: 2019-04-18