Phytochemical Study of Stigmasterol and β-sitosterol in Viola odorata Plant Cultivated in Iraq

  • Bushra Mohammed Jaber , Shaimaa Fakhri Jasim


Viola odorata L. (Violaceae ) Cultivated in Iraq, it is an important folklore medicine for the treatment of various ailments as antioxidant and antibacteria.  In the previous study two phytosterol (Stigmasterol and β-sitosterol) were  detected and identificated from the methanol extracts in  roots, leaves, flowers and seeds by using chemical test,TLC and HPLC techniques.The results showed all the plant parts contain high amount of sterols the quantitative data revealed that the concentrations of Stigmasterol in Viola odorata were in roots(4.5mg/100g) ,in leaves(2mg/100g),in flowers(7.3mg/100g) and in seeds(2.4mg/100g). also the content of β-sitosterol in roots(9.2mg/100g),in leaves(3.2mg/100g),in flowers(5.3mg/100g) and in seeds (3mg/100g). Results showed high amount of Stigmasterol in flower while high amount of β-sitosterol in root.