Estimation of Genetic Variation and Distance Between Selected Wheat Genotypes and local Cultivars

  • Eman N. Ismail1 , Ali A. Al-Salihy2 , Ibrahim I. H. Al-Masshadani1


Molecular studies were carried out to estimate genetic variation and genetic distance in selected genotypes (Furat, 4H, 7H) and two local cultivars (Iraq, Orok) wheat. DNA was extracted from plant leaves of these genotypes and cultivars at potting stage. The PCR reaction method was used to estimate the genetic variation. Six primers were used in this study. Data of polymorphic fragment were analyzed to determine the genetic relationship between the genotypes and cultivars, and also genetic distance was estimated. Bands differed between cultivars in number and molecular weight which appeared in these genotypes and cultivars using six primers exhibition genetic variation. Results of the dendrogram showed that the selected genotypes and cultivars are divided into three groups according to the genetic variation between them. Results also indicated that the local cultivars and selected genotypes differed in their genetic distance.