The first issue of volume 19 of the Iraqi Journal of biotechnologies was issued on April 28, 2020. The number included seven (7) scientific papers in the field of genetic engineering and biotechnology. The first one dealing with  molecular study to estimate the genetic variation and the extent of familial affinity for the varieties of Iraqi wheat with the wheat class Uruk .The second research dealt with determining the prevalence of infection of the GIP  parasite Giardia spp by examining stool samples taken from patients with diarrhea in Al-Rifai City / Al-Rifai Hospital / Thi-Qar

 Governorate and by conducting a diagnosis of the parasite by molecular methods using polymerase chain  reaction technique. The third research dealt with the evaluation of the VITIK 2 system in the clinical diagnosis of Candida fungi. As for the fourth and fifth researches related to human genetics, including a tissue-immunohistochemical  study  of breast cancer in infected women and the other study, the polymorphism  of MIH1 genotypes in patients with Oligozoospermia

, the sixth study examined the study of DNA sequencing analysis. In the yellow leaves of tomato fruits in the Iraqi market, while the seventh and last research spoke about studying the cytotoxic effect of Glucokinin extracted from the Bauhinia variegata plant on many cell lines.

Published: 2020-05-20