LINE-1 Gene Expression Profile in some Iraqi Patients with Oligozoospermia

  • Halah Kamal Al-Qazzaz1* , Salwa Jaber Al-Awadi1 , Qays A. M. A , Zainb kaml Abdul Ameer Al_Hasani2


LINE-1 is a transposable element in the DNA of some organisms and belongs to the group of Long interspersed nuclear elements (LINEs). It consists of about 17% of human genomic DNA. Most of the LINE-1 genes imprinting in the human genome are inactive; despite, some retained the ability to retro-transpose. In the present study, we examine 100 Iraqi patients [(50) Oligozoospermia infertile patients (OZ) and (50) normospermia fertile patients (NP)]. Samples were collected (100) serum blood sample to determine hormone levels using ELISA Kits and (100) seminal fluid samples for microscopic analysis and molecular study to estimate the LINE-1 gene-expression level using the qRT-PCR technique. Levels of mRNA expression were measured by two steps reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) technique. Results showed an increase in the expression levels of mRNA gene-expression was an up-regulation in gene expression level for LINE-1 gene in the OZ group, besides, hormonal levels assay we observed that present elevation in serum hormone levels of FSH, LH and testosterone in Oligozoospermia group and this evolution responsible for male infertility and alteration of spermatogenesis.