The second issue of the nineteenth volume of the year 2020 of the Iraqi Journal of Biotechnology was published in October ..... The Journal is issued by the Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology for Postgraduate Studies, and it is an informed journal that is issued in an electronic, printed and open-access version, which is refereed and adheres to international standards for publication.

      The issue contains five research papers, in addition to the scientific editorial, which includes research in the field of genetic microbiology and the genetics of infertility and reproduction, as well as a proteomic study

         The editorial included a study of leprosy, which is caused by the mycobacterium  leprae that cause leprosy. The research dealt with the epidemiology of the disease and the appropriate environmental conditions for the growth and multiplication of this m.o, which plays a role in its pathogenicity and virulence. The second and sixth research dealt with the study of gene expression and the heterogeneity or polymorphism of some genes related to determining the causes of infertility in men. The third and fifth research came about the molecular detection of genes for staphylococcus  spp.and Pseudomonas aeruginosa multi resistant to many types of antibiotics, and third research examined a comparison of methods used to detect and identify proteins in cells (proteomic study))

Published: 2021-01-13