Genetic Polymorphisms of PLCζ and PAWP Genes in Infertile Men that Undergo ICSI Protocol

  • Dhuha Salim Namaa1 , Saad S. Al-Dujaily Ismail H. Aziz3 , Bushra J. Al- Musawi4


Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is a technique that in vitro fertilization  clinics use to remedy a myriad of male infertility status. The sperm activation of the egg is the first critical step of embryogenesis included both completion of meiosis and progression into mitotic cycles. phospholipase C-zeta isoform ζ (PLCζ) and post acrosomal WW binding protein (PAWP) genes as considering physiological triggers that stimulate embryogenesis in human. The target of this study is to determine the single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in PLCζ (exon 11, 13) and PAWP (intro 1) genes sequence, and examine if these SNP can lead to defects in egg activation and embryo formation. Semen analysis was done for (62) men, the samples were collected from infertile men undergoing ICSI protocol and divided into 5 groups according to the percentage of fertilization rate (FR%). Evaluation of seminal fluid analysis was accounted as recommended by WHO criteria (WHO, 2010). PCR reaction was performed for semen samples to amplification the target region, exon 13; SNP I489P:rs 10505830, and exon 11; SNP H398P rs: 1359777791) of PLCζ gene, as well as  PAWP gene (intro 1), and selection (30) PCR product samples for sequencing analysis.  In conclusion, the results showed the PLCζ sequencing was not noted the target SNPs in this study. Whereas, PAWP genes sequence revealed that one SNP; C/G/T rs: 710194; was located on chromosome 22:41996556 bp; position 1454 in intro one, which present in all sample.