Association of Polymorphism rs1264459 in the HLA-E Gene Promoter with Incidence of (RSA) and its Consequences to Steroid Hormones in Iraqi Women

  • Shireen Hamid Farhan¹ , Ismail A. Abdul-Hassan² , Nawara Mohammed³


Recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA) is one of the common complications that occur after gestation, its multi-factorial issue. This study explored whether the rs1264459 polymorphism in the promoter of HLA-E gene and the concentration of soluble HLA-E in serum is correlated with the risk of RSA. Fifty women with idiopathic RSA and fifty apparently healthy women as control were consulted Al Elwiya teaching hospital, Baghdad, Iraq between January 2019 and April 2019. The concentration of soluble HLA-E measured by Human leukocyte antigen E ELISA Kit. The level of the serum HLA-E in female with RSA was 43.19±0.9 U/ml while in apparently healthy women was 41.35±1.31 U/ml. The genotypes were determined by TaqMan genotyping assay using RT-PCR. The results showed that there were no significant differences in the GG, GA and AA genotypes frequency percentage distribution and alleles frequencies, between the control and female with RSA, the frequency of G allele was 0.26 in female with RSA and 0.20 in control, while the frequency of A allele was 0.74 in female with RSA and 0.8 in control. Results show certain alleles at different loci in HLA-E gene are associated with low concentrations in the levels of some steroidal hormones in females with RSA.