We are pleased to address the honorable researchers in genetic engineering and biotechnology, with the publication of the third issue of the nineteenth volume in December of 2020 of the Iraqi Journal of Biotechnology  issued by the Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology for  post Graduate Studies / University of Baghdad, edited by Prof. Abdul Hussein Al-Faisal.. This issue included a group of high-end scientific research. The issue dealt with six diverse researches in the field of genetic engineering  .

           The first and second research came to study the polymorphism of some  genes, the variation and mutations related to female hormones and their relationship to some diseases leading to infertility, such as polycystic ovaries syndrome .

       The third research examined the gene expression of a gene associated with hepatitis  C virus in Iraqi patients. As for the fourth research, it dealt with the study of the gene expression of cytokine 17 in asthma  pediatric patients. In the same context, the fifth study dealt with the gene expression and anti-fungal activity of Thuja occidentalis and the effect of essential oils and their efficacy extracted from this herbal plant. The sixth and last research dealt with a molecular study of some virulence factors for Escherichia coli. isolated from urine in women with urinary tract infection in  AL-Najaf city.

Published: 2021-01-13