Antifungal Activity , GC-MS Analysis of Thuja occidentalis Essential Oil with Gene Expression

  • Ayad Waad AL-Enawey 1*, Shurook M.K. Saadedin 1, Saleh Abdul-Mahdi Al-Khaldi 2


The study includes identification of Chemical compounds of Thuja occidentalis essential oil teste as anti- Aspergillus flavus isolates and expression measure the essential oil affects in aflR-2 gene expression responsible for aflatoxin production . Thirty-five compounds were identified in T.occidentalis EO . The result were thujone (21.58%), camphor (18.92%) and Isobornyl acetate (9.71%). The essential oil inhibited of A. flavus fungus at a rate of inhibition 55.5% . and decrease in aflR-2 gene expression  responsible for the aflatoxin product was observed.