Determine gene expression of IL-17 in Iraqi Child Asthmatic Patients

  • Zahraa Tahseen Abdulkareem , Basima Q. Hasan AL-Saadi


A wide variety of cytokines and chemokine’s plays an vital roles in asthma severity , includes     IL-17  which participate in the pathophysiology of asthma. The objective of this study is to investigate an association of gene expression  and level of  serum concentration of IL-17 in pediatric patients with  asthma . Two groups were enrolled in this study: seventy five asthma patients (27 female and 48 male) and twenty five apparently healthy as a control group (10 female and 15 male).The  age of the samples ranged from  (1-10) years old. Recruited from admitting the Central Teaching Hospital Pediatrics and Alzahra’a Center for Asthma Allergy  in Baghdad during the period extended from October /2019 to last February /2020. Subject information’s were collected using a specific questionnaire form as a descriptive study; on the other hand, the present study was approved by the council of institute of genetic engineering and biotechnology for post graduate studies / University of Baghdad. The RNA was extracted from the samples of blood of asthma patients and apparently healthy subjects by using TransZol  Up Plus RNA Kit (blood) .The acceptable purity  of RNA  in asthmatic patient is range between  1.84-1.99 and for apparently  healthy group is range between 1.84-1.96.mRANA expression for IL-17gene were determined by real time PCR assay while serum samples were used to detect the concentration of  IL-17 using ELISA technique. Results showed that the male's percentage was higher than the females. With regard to age, highest percentage was found in the third age group of asthma patients (more than 6 year) 32 (43%) of the total numbering patients. Family history revealed that 62 (82.67%) of 75 patients have positive family history of asthma while  13(17.33 %) have no family history. The highest percentage of the asthma cases was found in winter season. According to sensitive of disease showed that 43 (57.33 %) of 75 patients consider mild  disease while  32 (42.67 %) of patients have severe asthma. On the other hand ,for IL-17 gene expression the   Ct of  asthma patient group revealed (22.14) and control group (22.92) and  the   2-DDCt of asthma patient group (9.253) and control group (5.314) and the fold of gene expression was statistically significantly (P≤0.01) in asthmatic group than healthy non asthmatic  group that show in ratio (1.74: 1.00). IL-17concentration was estimated by ELISA, the results were  statistically significant (P≤0.01), the level of IL-17 in asthma patient group (440.48 ± 59.02pg/ml) while  in Control group(88.03 ± 27.70pg/ml) as well as   increase concentration of  IL-17 in severe asthma patients  than mild form asthma 544.97 ± 85.40 and 319.67 ± 76.18 respectively .Resent study concluded that asthma is  a complex disease and the inclusion of different immune cells results in different pathological processes.