The Immunological Role of Anti-Sperm Interleukin-6 Antibody in Primary Male Infertility

  • Ayat A. Abbas Ismail A. Abdul-Hassan


Infertility is a multifactorial condition in which genetic factors such as chromosomal and single gene alterations account for 20-30% of the cases. It can be classified as mild (between 10-15 million sperm per ml), The total number of samples is one hundred samples (100) divided as follows in fifty (50) Iraqi infertility patients and fifty (50) apparently healthy subjects. Blood samples were collected from Al-Ansja Laboratory. The percentage of sperm concentration was significantly (p≤0.01) lower in oligozoospermic patients than in apparently healthy subjects. Serum interleukin-6 (IL-6) levels significantly (p≤0.01) increased fifty folds in infertility patients when compared with apparently healthy subjects. It was concluded anti-sperm antibody levels in seminal plasma were significantly (p≤0.01) increased in oligozoospermic patients when compared with apparently healthy subjects.