Study the Association of IRAK1 Gene Polymorphism and Some Immunological Markers with the Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis Incidence in Sample of Iraqi Patients

  • Eman A. Al-Saffar Basima Q. Al-Saadi


arthritis (RA) is a multifactorial autoimmune disease affecting 1–2% of the population worldwide. It is more common in women than in men, predominately aged 40-60 years. Interleukin 1 receptor associated kinase 1 (IRAK1) gene related with the susceptibility to autoimmune diseases and might be one of the important risk factors of RA. The objective of this study is to identify the association of single nucleotide polymorphism SNP of IRAK1 (rs3027898 C>A) gene with Rheumatoid arthritis susceptibility in a sample of Iraqi patients and to examine whether this polymorphism can influence the severity and activity of the disease. study consists of two groups: sixty RA patients (53 females and 7 males, mean age 46.35 ±1.43) were diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis clinically and conformed by rheumatologist examination and laboratory tests according to the 1987 American College of Rheumatology criteria for RA revised principles for the classification of RA while other sixty healthy individuals (36 females and 24 males. mean age 34.15 ±1.54) set as control group. Polymorphisms were genotyped by using High Resolution Method (HRM) real time PCR for genotyping assay. The mean age of RA patients was (46.35 ±1.43) years, females’ ratio was higher than the males. No significant effect of family history seen between the healthy and RA patient groups. The observed genotype frequencies for the polymorphism IRAK1 (rs3027898 C>A) in RA patients and control subjects show no Significant differences in the frequency of IRAK1 rs3027898 alleles (CC, CA, AA) and genotypes were observed between RA patients and controls P-value (0.317, 0.594, and 0.071) respectively. The C allele frequency values were (0.52 and 0.45) for apparently healthy subjects and RA patients, respectively, the values of allele frequency of the A allele were (0.48 and 0.55) of apparently healthy with RA patients, respectively. The CC percentage in RA patients and healthy controls (35%, 30%), the CA percentage (33.33%, 30%) while AA percentage (31.67%, 40%) respectively. In conclusions, the three genotypes (CC, CA, AA) of the Interleukin 1 receptor associated kinase 1(IRAK1) Gene in the (rs3027898 SNP) all seem do not have risk factor for RA in the studied samples of Iraqi population.