Evolution of Thyroid Autoantibodies and Thyroid Parameters in Iraqi Hypothyroidism Patients

  • Sarah M. Radhi 1 Essam F. Al-Jumaili 1 Muqdad A. Al-hilal 2


The current study is a cross-sectional case/control study aimed to look for the Correlation between thyroid auto-Ab and thyroid parameters in a sample of Iraqi patients with hypothyroidism versus control. The study was conducted on 128 blood samples divided into 60 samples from the Hypothyroidism patients group and 68 samples from the apparently healthy control. Those patients attended the specialized Center for Endocrinology and Diabetes in Baghdad/ Rusafa –Iraq for the period between (December 6/2021, until February 13/2022), Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), thyroxine T4, and immunological studies including anti-TPO antibody and anti-Tg antibody were measured using Cobas E411/Roche platform for two groups. According to the results, parameters (T4, TSH, anti-TPO ab, and anti-Tg ab) showed a highly significant difference between the hypothyroidism patient group and apparently healthy control (P-value were 0.0001 for all respectively),.Measurement of Anti-TPO Ab in patients with hypothyroidism in the blood can help to establish the diagnosis and sometimes to predict the clinical course and response to treatment. The final conclusion was the presence of anti-TPO Ab also predicts a higher risk of overt hypothyroidism development in adults.