Estimation of Estrogen Receptor Beta Gene Expression and Its Correlation with Some Hormones Parameters in Samples of Iraqi Infertile Men

  • Mahmood H. Khalil Sanaa J. Kadhim


In this study we will try to evaluate role of ERβ in idiopathic male infertility by Estimate expression level of ERβ in semen samples of infertile male compared with fertile male semen samples, Analyzed some male hormones levels (estrogen-testosterone-FSH-LH) in both infertile and fertile Iraqi men and Study the association between the gene expression of ERβ gene with hormones levels in these samples. The level of expression of ESR2 gene in control was significantly higher than in patient group. There is non-significant positive correlation between the hormones and ESR2 expression levels which means increase the expression level of ESR2 will have a positive effect on those hormones while the (E2) shows a non-significant negative correlation with the expression level of ESR2.