Estimation of Mitochondrial DNA Sequences (HVI and HV II) Variations in Iraqi Population

  • Zaid J. Alshalah1 Mohammed I. Nader1 Ali H. Alsaad2, Ayad I. Khaleel3


The current study aims to estimate the efficiency of mitochondrial DNA sequences (HVI and HV II) variations in the Iraqi population, The study population classified to two groups (individuals and families), the classification according to gender shows the women in families was higher than individuals in significant differences (P 0.007). The identities of HVI and HVII with data base of NCBI were detected  in present study,   the results showed non-significant changes between HVI and HV II in study population with NCBI data, and there were significant association between study groups (individuals HVI v HVII) and (families HVI v HVII) and also in HVII between individuals and families, significant highly identities of families female (HVII) and of individuals male, significant highly identities in HVI individuals and families with genetic disease and in healthy individuals, high identity observed in HVII in families than individuals. The variance in HVII was higher than HVI while in HVI the family’s variance was a higher than individuals, in families’ groups about five families have higher variance than others, in HVII the variance in individuals was higher than families and one family has higher and one family has higher variance. The results concluded that current output show fluctuation between HVI and HVII identities and variance