Expression of Heat Shock Protein HspA2 Gene in Some Iraqi Oligoasthenozoospermia Patients

  • Nada N. kadhum1 Ismail A. Abdul-Hassan2


Among the several heat shock protein (HSP) families implicated in the control of reproductive system development and function, the 70 kDa HSP family has emerged as essential for male fertility. The HSPA2 is crucial for the development of germ cell differentiation. The present study was designed to compare HSPA2 gene expression in apparently healthy subjects and oligoasthenozoospermic patient's. This study looked at about 50 Iraqi men with oligoasthenozoospermia from the Kamal Al-Samraee hospital in Baghdad. The period of study was extended from April to September 2021. For this study, 50 apparently healthy men were recruited. The HSPA2 gene was quantified using Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction and the amplification was reported as a Ct value (threshold cycle (.  Results revealed that the level of expression of the HSPA2 gene was reduced in oligoasthenozoospermic patients compared to control depending on the methods Ct, ΔCt, and 2–ΔCt. The fold of the HSPA2 gene was in oligoasthenozoospermic patients significantly (P<0.05) lower than that of apparently healthy subjects. In conclusion, the findings of this study indicate that the HspA2 gene expression down-regulated significantly in the semen of Iraqi oligoasthenozoospermic patients.