Relationship between rs1800796 Polymorphism of IL-6 Gene and IL-6 Serum Level with Thyroid Hormones in a Sample of Iraqi Celiac Disease Patients

  • Shams A. Abd AL-Hussein1 Hamssa A. Jasim2


Celiac disease (CD) is  autoimmune human leukocyte antigen HLA– linked enteropathy that develop upon ingestion of gluten containing diet, with diarrhea, malabsorption and weight loss as a major presentation. The disease is closely linked to a number of extra intestinal disorder especially endocrine diseases. This study aimed to find Relationship between IL-6 gene polymorphism rs1800796 and IL-6 serum level with thyroid Hormones in a sample of Iraqi celiac disease patients. The CC genotype showed a higher frequency in the control while the GG genotype showed a higher frequency in the patients.