Relationship between BMP15 Gene Expression and FSH in a Sample of Iraqi Infertile Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

  • Maryam D. Kamel Nuha J. Kandala


The present study aimed to investigate the  relationship  between   the  FSH , LH and Prol level and BMP15  gene expression level in blood samples collected from 50 healthy fertile female as controls and 50 PCOS infertility female  who subjected to detected the level of LH,FSH and Prol by ELISA test and the relative quantitative detection using RT-PCR technique. Specific primers designed for this purpose, the sequence of BMP15 retrieved from NCBI and designed by primer 3 software. The result data assessing the folding BMP15 gene expression in the polycystic ovary syndrome   (PCOS) (0.507 ) , while the control group's was (1.000 ), PCOS group showed down regulation in the expression of BMP15 gene. Moreover, strong positive significant (r = 0.412) correlation observed between the levels of LH and FSH hormones, while the negative significant (r = - 0.338) correlation was observed between the FSH hormones level and the folding expression of BMP15 gene. In this study the FSH level considered an important criterion for infertility investigation because FSH is responsible for stimulates normal follicular growth and ovulation. The results provide that the expression of BMP15 was significantly decrease with increased in FSH hormone level, So the lack in BMP15 expression increase the level of follicle stimulating hormone leads to incomplete development at puberty and poor ovarian function.