Molecular Detection of rblB, and csgA Genes of Acintobacter baumannii Isolated from Different Clinical and Environmental Samples

  • Sarah Y. AL-falahat Wathiq A. Al-Draghi.


Multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii has emerged as a major problem around the world, posing a serious hazard to patients with burn and wound infections, In this study. Two hundred and fifty samples were collected from various sites in Baghdad/Iraq hospitals (Al-Yarmouk Teaching, burn center of Medical City, and Kamal Al Samray Hospitals) and divided into two groups based on their source: clinical samples (150) and environmental samples (100), collected and tested from October 2021 to March 2022. These samples were cultured on culture medium, and seven -foure A. baumannii isolates were identified by microscopic examination and biochemical tests. The identification of (74) isolates was verified using the VITEK-2 system and a molecular approach based on the rplB gene. In addition, antibiotic susceptibility testing was performed on all bacterial isolates, and the findings revealed that 36 isolates had Multi-Drug Resistance (MDR). and 40 isolates had the ability to form biofilm in the microtiter plate method 21 isolates gave strong biofilm, 15 isolates gave moderate biofilm, three isolate gave weak biofilm while the other one isolates are non-biofilm producer. This study found that 16 isolates carrying the rblB gene , and in all 16 A. baumannii isolates are carried (9) csgA gens, Sequencing analysis was applied to the PCR product of (8) positive   samples from 16 isolates to csuE gene the isolates  detect Sequencing and similarity of genetic relationship between locally isolates  and high identity global isolates in     gene bank.