Equation Design of Primer As An Effective Factor For Molecular Test of Iraqi Cultivars of Bread Wheat

  • Mundher K. Jabbar1, Haider T. Al-Mousawi2 Al-Bderee N. Mushtaq3


To design equation of primer effective factor, the experiment was needed get morphological traits by planting six Iraqi cultivars of bread wheat were used as organism to get morphological traits and molecular technique such as RAPD (5-mer oligonucleotide primers of RAPD indicator were used) . In this study, the measurements were polymorphic molecular markers and three morphological traits. To find an equation that determines the primer effective factor for appearing DNA fragments with different genotypes that belong to the same species or geneses. After equation design and applied , the results were appeared: primers OP-M06 and OP-I02 showed a significant effect on the phenotypic traits studied, they gave an effect factor greater than 4% for all phenotypic traits, while the OP-R14 primer came in second which is given an effect between 3.25-3.5%, the primers OP-M20 and OP-V02 were the least influential in phenotypic traits and in a manner Specific to the OP-V02 primer which gave a low effect was less than 2.25%.