The third issue of the volume 17 of the Iraqi Journal of Biotechnology was published in the 30th of December of 2018. The issue contains 12 articles, including the review article. Research in various disciplines, including research in the diagnosis of  many diseases and their association with genotyping  according to polymorphism and different models of this gene and its related  to environmental factors and impact on the genetic expression, such as asthma and allergies, DMType2 polycystic ovaries and colon cancer, in addition research related to the diagnosis of some types of bacterial diseases isolated from some hospitals in Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces, through which the study of the inheritance of bacteria ,their sources and some genes that have associated with the virulence of bacteria. Moreover a variety of research in the field of fish and the effect of  diet contaminated with aflatoxin-type B-1 fungi and the effect on some growth indices  with the presence of many Histopathological changes in most organs especially in liver. Other research conducted the contamination of local and imported types of Rice with fungi and the effect of storage conditions.  Finally a study  conducting on the applications of   hybrid nanoparticles and their uses as  promising antimicrobials agents  in the treatment of many bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases and comparing them with traditional types of antibiotics

Published: 2019-02-02