The second issue of Volume 14 was published in November of the year 2015, which included an addition to the review article of twelve research papers on various genetics sciences. The review article topic dealt with the control of monitoring water pollution using the technique of Bioluminescence and compared it to some traditional methods. Research in general has addressed various aspects in diagnosing most types of pathogenic bacteria by molecular methods and their resistance to many types of antibiotics. Other research has dealt with the molecular diagnosis of the causes of repeated miscarriages in women, including bacterial pathogenesis and its relationship with multiple polycystic ovary syndrome and its methods of diagnosis through the use of related genes. Other research  also discussed the development of serum prolactin level and the level of C3 and C4 complements  components in women with trichomonas parasites. Finally, research has examined the extraction, purification and diagnosis of types of enzymes from pathogenic bacteria using fermented chemicals

Published: 2019-03-03