The second volume of the 18 th issue of the year 2019 for the Iraqi Journal of Biotechnologies was issued. It is a special number that includes the research of the Fourth International Conference of Biotechnologies developed on 20-3 April 2019 under the slogan "Biotechnologies - Towards a New Horizon" . The issue included thirty-four research papers in various scientific disciplines in molecular biology, genetics, biology, and modern diagnostic methods. The number also included other research in the diagnosis of diseases through the study of genes related to it, such as cancers, metabolic diseases and endocrine diseases, as well as to many research related to the extraction of medicinal plants and the study of the effectiveness of these extracts on many microbial agents  through the use of modern techniques. Some studies also included the effect of using some drugs on the gene expression of some related genes.

Published: 2019-09-08