Third edition of volume 16th of the Iraqi Journal of Biotechnology was published in  the 3rd . of October 2017,  the number contained all the research participating in the third conference of the Institute of Genetic Engineering and contain  thirty-two research in various disciplines of genetic engineering and the role of genes in many cancer diseases that affects the breast, stomach, bladder, blood, colon, lung, ovaries and the use of    molecular genetic  methods for the  diagnosis of such diseases
Other research was dealing with the role of some  pathogens such as bacteria, parasites and fungi, their relationship to the occurrence of cancer, as well as the role of the expression of some immunological indices in breast cancer in women and in sample of Iraqi patients.  moreover ,research such as the use of modern techniques in the evaluation of  sperm apoptosis in Iraqi sever oligozoospermic patients And the role of genes in infertility of males on the other hand ,  the number included research  in the DNA repair gene in  patients with lung cancer , and finally research also  on the occurrence  of  oral and oropharyngeal  squamous cell carcinoma  among  the Iraqi  patients  in  Basrah city.

Published: 2018-11-22